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Proper Dryer Venting & Maintenance: The Key to Reduced Fire Risk 

Proper Dryer Venting & Maintenance: The Key to Reduced Fire Risk , CREIA Inspector Journal Fall 2016


Dryer venting isn’t a very glamorous topic, but if we look at residential clothes dryer related fires as a percentage of the total number of fires per year – it is a very significant safety concern.  Most inspector have some inspection “pet peeves”; i.e. those things that they a pay little special attention to - perhaps because of some special knowledge or experience.  One of mine is clothes dryer venting.  There are about 15,500 residential dryer related fires per year.  Dryer related fires rank as leading cause of residential fires and are responsible for over $200,000,000 per year in property losses.  Between 2006 and 2010, dryers were responsible for around 400 injuries per year with an average of 30 fatalities annually.  Around 84% of all clothes dryer related fires occur in 1 and 2 unit single-family dwellings.

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