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CBS 5 ConsumerWatch:  Certain Smoke Detectors May Not Warn of Deadly Fires

The International Association of Firefighters say ionization smoke detectors, which are in many homes, do not respond quickly to deadly smoldering fires. The group recommends homeowners install photoelectric detectors.  CBS 5 ConsumerWatch Reporter Julie Watts interviews Retired Albany Fire Chief Marc McGinn regarding the poor performance of ionization smoke alarms in the smoldering fires that are most likely to kill you in a fire.  The segment includes an "aquarium test" contrasting the performance of Photoelectric Smoke Alarms and Ionization Alarms.  The test was run by Home Inspector Skip Walker, CREIA Master Inspector (MCI) and ASHI Certified Inspector.

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CBS 5 ConsumerWatch:  Exploding Toilets

First aired on CBS 5, San Francisco March 25, 2014 and re-broadcast on CBS 4 Miami on April 8, 2014

There could be danger lurking in your bathroom.

Exploding toilets are ticking time bombs that could put you and millions of others at risk. There are a number of YouTube videos online which show the aftermath of a toilet that went boom.

At first, everyone’s reaction is to laugh. Home inspector Skip Walker said these toilets are no laughing matter. In spite of a series of nation-wide recalls on the toilets, he continues to find them when inspecting homes for sale.

“The pressure built up blew the entire porcelain area off the toilet, so violently across the room it made a hole in the wall,” described person on a YouTube video.

Walker said that the issue is how the high pressure Sloan Flushmate system works. Unlike traditional toilets which use gravity to flush, the Sloan actually uses 40-80 pounds of water pressure to force the toilet to flush, according to Walker.

Continued on CBS 4 Miami website, Click link below to read more.

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CBS 5 ConsumerWatch: Home Inspectors Credentials Bear Scrutiny

As one unlucky home buyer discovered too late, California doesn't require a home inspector to have a license.  So it's up to consumers to do their homework.  Skip Walker, CREIA Master Inspector (MCI) and ASHI Certified Inspector shows what to expect and what to look for when you select your inspector.  CBS 5 ConsumerWatch Reporter Julie Watts Reports.

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Syndicated House PI Radio Talk Show with Skip on Photoelectric Smoke Alarms, April 28, 2013

Seattle Radio Station KOMO Interview with Skip On Photoelectric Smoke Alarms, December 8, 2012

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