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BRANZ Study Focuses on Corrosion

Recent New Zealand research suggests that deck hardware may be rusting faster than we think.............

     Located a few miles inland from the coast in California, this deck was built in 2006 using lumber treated with copper azole (CA) to retention levels for above-ground use (UC3B). Note the severe corrosion of the 10-year-old joist hangers.
     Photo:  Skip Walker

As a building inspector, I frequently encounter relatively new deck or foundation hardware that inexplicably exhibits high levels of corrosion. As most deck builders know, the chemical formulas used for preservatively treated (PT) lumber were altered following the "voluntary industry transition" away from Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA) in 2003. Most of these new formulas contain much higher levels of copper, resulting in PT lumber that is much more corrosive to metals.

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