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On a crisp and clear January morning, Skip Walker arrives at the Bayview district home of his next patient -- a seemingly still spry 70-year-old in need of a complete physical.
Walker, who prides himself on being thorough, expects to spend the next three or more hours doing what doctors appear to relish most: systematically poking, prodding and peering into the intimate recesses of their patients.


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Few things are consistent across all the properties we will see as inspectors. However, every structure that we inspect rests on mother earth. Just like the people living in these homes, the soil that the dwelling rests upon will vary significantly from property to property.

Almost every dwelling we inspect will exhibit some degree of an out of level condition or displacement. Some of this may be the result of the dwelling being built a little out of whack. After all, people built them and as we know, people are not perfect. Most of what we see will be the result of some sort of soil related activity. When we inspect, we are not required to be geotechnical specialists. Nor should we try to pretend to be. What we should be able to do is look at a dwelling in a broader context and make appropriate recommendations to our clients.

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