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Photoelectric vs. Ionization Smoke Alarms

In ABC Interview, BRK/First Alert Smoke Alarm Exec Admits Ionization Alarms Don't Warn Consumers As Quickly As Photoelectric Alarms

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May 1996, on ABC 20/20, Gary Lederer a Senior Vice President for smoke alarm manufacturer BRK was questioned about a 15 minute delay in Ionization Alarms sounding:

Gary Lederer:  "The photoelectric will sound an alarm sooner than an ionization, but both will provide an alarm in sufficient time to allow you to evacuate the building.
Arnold Diaz:  "How much sooner would the photoelectric sound in a slow, smoldering fire?"
Gary Lederer:  "Fifteen minutes prior to the ionization detector."
Arnold Diaz:  "Well, I want that extra 15 minutes to go wake up other members of my family, to go make sure everybody's safe, to herd them outside." 
Gary Lederer:  "Well, we have an answer for you.  We have a combination unit that has both detection principals in one unit."



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