Photoelectric vs. Ionization Smoke Alarms


Collection of Residential Smoke Alarm Research

This report was scanned from hardcopy. 

Additional Reading Produced By; The World Fire Safety Foundation

The CAN Report:  A Criminal Act of Negligence

Open Letter to The Australian Building Standards Board

Open Letter to the Project Sponsors of the NIST Report

"The public believes that by buying a common smoke detector off the shelf, that before their house was filled with smoke that detector would sound and give them a warning.  I think they believe that..... That is absolutley not what will happen."  Dr. B Don Russell, Texas A&M University.

Various Newspaper and TV articles/segments on Photo vs/ Ionization Alarms

Letter from IAFF to NFPA Terminating 21 Year Relationship.  "The IAFF will no longer be a party to an organization that has shown utter contempt and disregard for firefighter safety on the fireground, an issue that has direct impact on the public safety and firefighting effectiveness."

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